Why Us

A Different Kind Of Luxury

Our Creation Process
At Akee International, We believe in the exceptional qualities of a rare fiber, in the skill of our dedicated artisans, and the creation of superior products.

A Rare Fiber
Our products are deeply connected to the natural habitat & cultural history of the Ladakhi and Kashmiri region. Our primary fiber, pashmina cashmere, the under-coat of the pashmina goat, is warm yet lusciously soft.

We purchase the pashmina cashmere from local nomads whose herding traditions on the high plateau date back hundreds of years, passed on from one generation of Shepherds to the next.

A Respected Artisan.
At Akee International we know that a special product is not possible without skilled artisans who are highly respected and well-rewarded for their work.

Our Nomads and Weavers earn a reliable and comfortable income, which allows them to express their gifts with joy.

A Timeless Product.
From the animal in the pasture, to the gifted hands of our artisans, every piece is a result of the rich heritage of the Ladakhi and Kashmiri region.

In a world where fast fashion dominates, we offer a product made from age-old skill, to be shared with our present generation